Be 100% Secure With a Face Recognition System

We are all becoming concerned about the safety and well being of our families. As a result the kinds of security systems that one can install in one’s home today have become much more elaborate. You could of course opt for the traditional system. However if you have something particular precious facial recognition door you want to protect then it worth considering installing a facial recognition system.

These types of security systems do cost more but they are much more complex as they have the ability to differentiate between a person’s face and what is in the background. Our faces vary greatly from one person to another and will come with various marks, peaks and valleys on them that are only distinguishable to us.

When it comes to facial recognition systems they will compare the features that are in front of them with those that are stored within its database. As it looks at the persons face the system will then make use of 80 nodes or nodal points that are on ones face and each one has been previously measured. These measurements are made in a numerical code and it is these that are stored in the systems database and used to represent the person’s face.

The kinds of measurements that the facial recognition system will be looking at is the depth of the person’s eye sockets, the width of their nose and what the distance is between each eye. Also the system will take into account the length of the person’s jaw line as well as the shape of their cheekbones.

With advances in technology today when it comes to facial recognition systems today they are compatible with many kinds of cameras. But of course the more technologically advance the cameras are means that the quality of the measurements taken by the system will be far better. So the risk of the system not recognizing the user is greatly reduced.

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