Credibility on the Web – 7 Strategies to Build and Retain Online Credibility

Appearing credible on the web is a challenge for online businesses but if done correctly, can bring a constant stream of sales to your website. You are not personally present to assure your web customer and build their confidence. Therefore, credibility should be built through the appearance and content of your business web site. These seven strategies can help you in having a credible web business:

Professional Web Site
Both content and design play a huge part on the overall appearance and impression of the web site. While designing your web site, it is important to pay attention to layout, navigation and usability issues. Design your website according to the purpose or goals you have in mind for it, and then stay focused on these goals. Hire experienced web designers who know what they are doing and have an impressive portfolio.

Useful and Informative Web Content
It is important to provide informative and useful content in your website to enhance its credibility. You can create an article section in your website and upload articles related to the theme of your website. This will also get you more exposure from the search engines. Ensure that the content is well written and avoid errors by re-checking and proof reading.

Credible Promotional Content
While promoting your products/services, try to sound confident and sincere in your web content. Stay away www.ufabet from hype and false promises. You will appear more credible if you promote your products/services while sounding informative. Focus on describing what you can deliver and stress on real benefits versus empty promises.

Highlight your expertise
Are you affiliated with a respected organization (like Better Business Bureau) or have certifications related to your profession? If so, clearly state this in the content of your web site. Display the button of the affiliation throughout the website and mention it in the content of about us and/or home page. Use the about us page to talk about yourself and why your customers should trust you.

Include customer references
If you are a product based business it will be a good idea to include testimonials of customers who have bought your products. You can create a “testimonials” or “case studies” page linking to your service page or main menu. If you are a service based business you can include a portfolio page or case studies about your customers. Knowing that you have an existing customer base will make it easier for your web site visitors to trust you.

Give contact/profile information
Make your contact information easily available. Your website should have separate pages for about us and contact information linked through the main menu. If possible, give details about your staff/ management team along with their photographs. People like knowing who they are doing business with.

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