Baby Showers And Pets

For a lot of people, their cats or dogs aren’t just pets. They are members of the family. Indeed, it could be said that a pet is just like a child. You have to train them, discipline them, feed them, shelter them, and give them lots of love. Pets can also be childlike in their behavior as well. A lot of families can’t function emotionally without their pets close by. But is it a good idea to have the family pet present with your guest if you’re hosting a baby shower? There are some things to consider.

The first thing to consider is whether or not your guest will be okay with a cat or dog being present while they are there for the party. Some people despise cats, and will develop an unpleasant attitude if they are in the presence of a cat. A dog can be friendly, but like children, when there are adult strangers around, they want extra attention. Also like children, they have the tendency to show off in these situations. They might take to running through the house. They might bark for fun, or they might bark because they are scared and threatened. If they are a small dog, they might snip at people’s ankles. If they are a larger dog, their tails will swat and hit people sitting down. They might lick on people. Larger dogs will almost always try to swipe food off of people’s plates, or off of the table. They might even try to climb on top of the table. All of these actions are signs that say “I want to participate too!” When this happens, the owner will put the dog in another room, or in the backyard. The dog will certainly start to howl in displeasure. Then there’s a power-struggle between the dog and the baby shower hostess that leaves her, and everyone else in an unpleasant mood.

Needless to say, it’s a good idea if the hostess is having an indoor baby shower, to make arrangements 寵物洗澡 for her pets. She should find out how everyone invited feels about the pets in her home. If someone has pet allergies, or doesn’t like her pet, the hostess needs to respect that. The baby shower is about celebrating the expectant mother, not loving up on her pets. It would be in good form for the baby shower hostess to make arrangements to keep the pet elsewhere during the baby shower.

There are other things for the baby shower hostess to consider. She should make sure that her home is as free from pet hairs and odors as possible. The guest don’t want to smell stale pet hair, or go home smelling like a cat or dog. Another consideration is for the hostess to make sure that any animal waste is picked up from the backyard, or any areas that the guest may walk through. The reasons are self-explanatory. On this note, if the hostess has any pets besides cats or dogs, especially caged animals, the cages should be cleaned, deodorized, and moved to another room.

One last consideration, is if the guest are dog lovers, and they can’t stand to be separated from their pets for even a moment. There are a couple of approaches to this. The hostess can ask the guest to make arrangements for the pet if they are coming to the baby shower. If this guest won’t do this, the hostess should firmly but kindly let her know that no pets are allowed at the baby shower, but maybe she can make other arrangements to meet up with the expectant mother later. The second option is to have an outdoor baby shower at the park. The hostess can make it a dog-lovers theme. In this way, the guest who are dog lovers can feel free to bring their dogs to the party.

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