Building Attraction With Text Messages

It’s hard to believe that not too long ago the ONLY way to communicate with women after meeting them online was to call them on the phone.

After getting her number, you then had to agonize about what to say when calling her. And even worse, what to leave on her “answering machine!”

Remember those days?

Well, if you’re fairly young maybe you don’t remember them but isn’t it wonderful how technology has completely changed the game?

A few years later, emailing became popular and that allowed men to email women instead of calling them. This worked pretty well but was still rather inconvenient and lacked the luxury of instant communication because you had to do it from your computer.

Then a little later came the advent of TEXTING!

Whoever invented texting did guys a HUGE favor as it suddenly became much easier to build attraction with women without talking to them on the phone!

And what it did for Online Dating was even bigger!

The digital path of communication from first email to meeting in person used to involve only emails and phone calls.

Now it’s a breeze as you simply go from first email – to text – to meeting in person completely bypassing talking on the phone!

No more struggling to come up with witty phone conversations. No more memorizing messages to leave on her machine.

Texting got rid of ALL OF THAT and has become so popular now that it is the primary method of communication between couples who are dating.

I rarely talk to women on the phone anymore. Everything is done via text and that makes learning how to text in a way that builds attraction extremely crucial!

I call this “text etiquette” and there 문자발송are some specific rules that MUST be followed when texting women.

Here is your crash course in “Text Etiquette:”

  1. Use HUMOR in your text messages! – This is how you build attraction. If possible, use humor in EVERY text message you send to her.
  2. Keep it short! – Texting is like Twitter… you want to keep it short except when the content requires it to be longer.
  3. Timing – Don’t be too eager when sending text messages. Don’t answer her five seconds after she messages you. As a general rule, wait at least ten minutes to answer her texts. There are exceptions but use this as a guideline.
  4. “Mirror” Her Messages – What I mean by this is you want your messages to be around the same length as hers. If she sends you a number of short texts repeatedly, send her short texts. If she is sending you short messages and yours are really long this will lower your value.
  5. NEVER send angry or negative messages – Remember, women are emotional creatures and the goal is to keep the “positive momentum” going as long as possible. Negative energy or texts that get too logistical will kill it!
  6. Do not ask to meet up more than twice – Say you asked her to meet up and she didn’t respond. You text her again something humorous and get the positive momentum revved up. Then you ask her again and she still doesn’t agree. DO NOT ask her again! Wait a week or so and start over with humorous texting. Asking to meet up over and over lowers your value.
  7. Don’t get mad if she doesn’t respond – If a woman doesn’t respond to your text it could mean any number of things. The best thing to do is ignore it and send a humorous text the next day like nothing happened.
  8. Suggest meeting up at a HIGH point in the dialog – If you are having trouble getting her to meet, use more humor and get her laughing and once you succeed, suggest meeting up together. Remember, making her laugh with texts gets her more attracted to you and that’s a PERFECT time to ask for the meet up.

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